Classes for Evolution Dance

Young girl standing and pointing their toes

Evolution Dance Center offers many classes to meet the needs of our dancers. Listed below are the different types of classes that are offered. Check out the schedule to see what classes we offer.

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Pixies and Starlets

Our youngest dancers are so important. These classes allow young dancers to explore movement, imagination and listening skills. With our nurturing loving teachers and a sense of make believe, children feel safe and develop their independence while having the time of their life.

Pixie classes are offered for our youngest 2yr – 3yrs old.

Starlet classes are offered for our 4 yr olds.

Broadway Stars

The Broadway Star classes introduce the basic structure of dance for young dancers, allowing them to learn proper positioning and alignment while having lots of fun. Teaching our young children to love movement and exercise is important. We believe young minds can accomplish and learn a lot, this is where it all starts.

Broadway Star Classes are offered to our 5-6 yr olds.


We have an extensive schedule of Ballet classes available ranging from a fun dance class for your two year old ballerina right through to a Pre-Professional Program for those students training for a career in Ballet. Evolution Dance Center offers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the highest standards of ballet training in the San Diego area.

Our aim is to train and educate dancers to the highest standards so that they are encouraged to have a life long love for the art of Ballet. Having a strong ballet technique is the key to excellence in many dance forms therefore our ballet program is offered to all of our students.

Our Ballet training is based upon the Vaganova Method of classical ballet which is recognized as being a technique which has produced some of the finest Ballet dancers in the world.

We have a dedicated Ballet Facility which includes a state of the art studio floor specifically designed for dancing on pointe.

Our dancers have trained at some of the most prestigious Ballet Schools in the US including Pacific Northwest Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Ballet Austin, Joffrey Ballet.

Lyrical and Contemporary Dance

Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz techniques. It is a dance style which connects the dancer to the words and emotion of the music while teaching the student to develop a high quality of movement and fluidity of expression. We highly recommend taking ballet to compliment this style of dance.

Lyrical has become increasingly popular as it it has gained a nationwide audience on television and in movies. Evolution Dance Center offers Lyrical dance classes for 7yrs of age and upwards.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a relatively new dance form which originated in New York in the 1970s. The style has evolved and developed considerably over the years. The term Hip Hop can be used to describe many different types of dance including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Jazz Funk and Lyrical Hip Hop. This popular style of dance is often seen in music videos, commercials, movies and in So You Think You Can Dance.

Hip Hop dancing requires that dancers develop strength and agility. It is a very accessible form of dance which can be enjoyed by dancers of all ages and abilities. We believe that everyone, from ballerinas to break dancers can enjoy and benefit from our Hip Hop style.

We have classes available for ages 5 and upwards where students can learn the very latest Hip Hop moves choreographed to age appropriate Hip Hop music.


Evolution Dance offers Jazz classes for dancers 4 yrs of age and older. Jazz dancing has been around since the early 1900’s. From the jitter bug, to the charleston, fox trot and more. This up beat, intricate for of dance has been popular since day one. To complicated rhythms, to fast movement and powerful steps. Dancers will forever find Jazz dancing to be challenging and fun.

As with all of our dance classes the emphasis will be on teaching the correct technique which we believe is essential to build a strong foundation for dancers of all ages. Our teachers will make sure that each dancer is challenged to learn new and exciting combinations in each class, while making sure there technique and body alignment is correct.

Our more advanced students will be prepared for master classes, Broadway auditions and a professional dance career with the knowledge of this discipline.


If you are looking for a great tap class for a 2 yrs old and upward, then we have a lesson to suit your schedule.

Tap dance is a mixture of many forms of dance including Irish dancing, English clog dancing and African dance. The Golden Age of tap was in the 1930s with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly making the dance hugely popular. But tap dance has now well and truly entered the modern age and it’ popularity is growing. With our classical technique and contemporary sounds this class will always keep you on your toes.┬áTap is a great form of dance to learn at an early age and will forever challenge students rhythmically for years to come.

Musical Theater

Evolution Dance Studio offers classes in Musical Theater for students who are in our Company Competition Program.

Musical Theater dance classes feature expert choreography to bring a story and characters to life through the medium of dance. Musical Theater dancers have to bring technique, high levels of performance and character to the stage. We will forever have a love for Broadway and are committed to teaching our youth the joy of musicals.

Our dancers have been highly placed at such prestigious dance competitions as Hollywood Connection and Jump in Los Angeles.

Boys Crew

Boys are welcome in all dance classes at Evolution Dance Studio. Dance is an amazing form of exercise and builds strength, athleticism and confidence. Our boys bring so much joy to our studio and the stage.

We have exciting dance programs for all of our boys and they enjoy being part of our Boys Crew. While boys are always welcome to join any of our dance classes from ballet to musical theater, we know that many boys just want their own class. Boys Crew only! Not only great dance classes but social events just for the boys too. Having their own space and social scene is a big part of making them feel at home at Evolution Dance.

We have incredible teachers to inspire our boys to dance. Whatever style of dance your son wants to try we have the very best classes for them in San Diego.